Art is a tool that Six Corners Association uses to help revitalization efforts for Special Service Area, SSA, #28. In the past years murals have been installed on building walls and empty storefronts all over the Six Corners Shopping District. They bring attention media attention from all sources of communication to our shopping district and businesses. Murals encourage people to walk around the community and they create a sense of community and identity. This also discourages people to graffiti on the walls with murals. Art also lets our community know that the property owners and business owners care about this place. Be part of this movement and sponsor a mural on your building!

How This Program Works:

  • Six Corners Association will take applications from business and property owners who want to host a mural starting March 1st. Please note that businesses that are interested in hosting a mural must receive permission from the property owner if they are not the owners in order to qualify.

  • Six Corners Association will put out an RFP for artist once the mural site host is selected.

  • Six Corners Association and mural site host will vote on the selected art piece.

  • Once an artist and host site are matched, the project will commence.


The sponsorship cost will be 50% of the mural. SSA 28 will cover the other 50% of the cost of the mural. Six Corners Association can work with site host to determine a feasible budget.



  • Murals cannot be advertisement for the site host.

  • The completed mural become property of the site host. The site host must maintain the mural for at least 3 years.


Project Timeline:

  • April 1st: Applications are Due
  • April 15th: Six Corners Association selects a host and submits RFPs to Artist
  • May 15th: Six Corners Association votes on Artwork.
  • May 20th: Site Host Payment is due
  • June 1st: Mural work begins.


  • Must be entity paying for participation fee

  • Mural site must be visible from the public way.

  • Site must be within SSA 28 boundaries.


  • Complete and submit the online application.
  • Download, sign, and notarize the following forms:
    • Property Owner Authorization
    • Statement of Understanding

Send to or Six Corners Association, 4041 N. Milwaukee Ave. #301, Chicago, IL 60641.

Milwaukee Ave.:   Warner to Kilpatrick Irving Park Rd.:   Lavergne to Clover St. Cicero Ave.:   Byron to Warner (west sidewalk) and Belle Plaine (east sidewalk)

Milwaukee Ave.:   Warner to Kilpatrick
Irving Park Rd.:   Lavergne to Clover St.
Cicero Ave.:   Byron to Warner (west sidewalk) and Belle Plaine (east sidewalk)


Name *
Please identify relation to the property *
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Please describe the proposed site for the project, including details such as the dimensions of the property, the position and location of the mural. Email a picture of the site to
Will mail/email Property Owner Authorization form. *
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