• Design: Join our creative Design committee to beautify the area with murals, sculptures, holiday decorations, and attractive landscaping! Help us dream up ways to make Six Corners an energetic, dynamic place to visit! Additionally, this motivated group of residents formed to advance safety for all people who travel to Six Corners whether by foot, bike, car, or public transportation! Bring improved biking and pedestrian infrastructure to our community and help us promote Six Corners as a “Bike Friendly Business District”!
  • Economic Vitality: Recruit new businesses, oversee development, and build relationships with our stakeholders! Join our Economic Restructuring committee to promote growth and help current owners access incentive programs, grants, and funding!
  • Promotions: Improve awareness of Six Corners by joining our Promotions committee! Help plan our special events, advertise local businesses, share deals and sales, and connect with local residents!
  • Special Projects: We welcome individuals who have unique skills to volunteer to our community. Please contact us to discuss your area of interest!


  • Board Meetings: 2nd Monday of every month, Six Corners office, 6:00pm
  • Promotions, Design, Economic Vitality Committees: ad hoc, see Events page for upcoming meetings.
  • SSA #28: See Schedule

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We're always happy to answer questions or grab coffee to talk more about Six Corners. Contact us anytime or come visit our office. 

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