One of Six Corners Association’s strongest initiatives is to implement placemaking efforts to engage our community in fun, simple, tactile ways that improve social capital and generate happiness and well being. One of the ways that we do this is by utilizing art. Cultivating a sense of place on our streets gives people a reason to visit and a reason to stay. Art helps create a sense of community, a sense of place, and a sense of ownership.

Art Portfolio Submission

Six Corners Association is currently taking mural design submissions from artist to install on a building in the Six Corners area. The designs should be unique, vibrant, and fresh. Proposals will be accepted at anytime but are subject to available funding and space. Projects will be funded as they are approved by Six Corners Association’s design committee. Email your name, the proposed design, and samples of previous work to after submitting the application below.


SSA 28 Map.jpg

Due to funding sources, the mural/art work must be within Special Services Area, SSA, 28 boundaries. Please take them into consideration when submitting you proposal. Listed below are the boundaries.

Milwaukee Ave.: Warner to Kilpatrick

Irving Park Rd.: Lavergne to Clover St.

Cicero Ave.: Byron to Warner (west sidewalk) and Belle Plaine (east sidewalk)

Please complete the form below prior to submitting images.

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