Facade Enhancement Rebates


To strengthen the beautification and economic vitality efforts of the Six Corners Shopping District, Six Corners Association is offering facade enhancement rebates to business and property owners/lessees within the SSA #28 boundaries. Rebates may be applied to the renovation, enhancement, or improvement of a building's facade.

Applications will be considered in the order that they are received and are subject to available funding. Only completed applications will be considered and must meet all program criteria.

Rebates offered may cover up to 50% of construction costs, for a maximum of $5,000. Improvements must be made to the exterior of the building and be visible from the public right-of-way on the commercial aspect of the building. The maximum rebate for one business is $5,000.


  • Business must be fully licensed by the City of Chicago.

  • Property must be up to code and have no outstanding violations.

  • Property must be located within SSA 28 Boundaries (see map) for at least one year per submission date.

  • Property must be at least 5 years old.

  • Applicant must be the entity paying for the project.


  • Construction cost of improvements

  • Removal and installation cost of improvements

  • Equipment costs

  • Examples of eligible improvements:

    • New signage structure 

    • Window and door replacements

    • Tuck pointing

    • Awings

  • Examples of ineligible improvements:

    • Roofing

    • Rear, side, alley improvements that are not visible from the public right-of-way or any interior improvements.

    • Improvements to the residential aspect of building.


  • Project must not commence prior to the approval of the project by Six Corners Association.
  • Applicant is responsible for securing and paying for required permits.
  • Storefront must be facing the public right-of-way. The improvements must have a positive impact on the appearance of the building.
  • The program will only apply toward the construction, removal, installation, and equipment cost of improvements. It will not cover other costs associated with the project.
  • Applicants must fully and timely comply with the requirements, deadlines, and proposed timelines set forth by the Six Corners Association in accordance with this rebate program.
  • Applicants will be considered for this program once every three years.


  • Submit the completed application with estimated project costs and signed forms to hello@sixcorners.com or mail to Six Corners Association, 4041 N. Milwaukee Ave. #301, Chicago, IL 60641.
  • Submit an estimated timeline for project start and end date.
  • Submit estimated costs for project consideration outlined above.
  • Submit all permits required to complete project.


  • Six Corners Association will review applications on the following dates:
    • March 15th
    • May 15th
    • October 1st
  • Six Corners Association will determine the eligibility of application for reimbursement.
  • Six Corners Association will determine rebate amount for eligible applications as funds dictate.
  • Six Corners Association will notify applicants of approval status within one week of review.
  • Once approved, applicant will have 180 days to complete the project. Applicants must have all necessary permits secured during this process.


If unforeseen circumstances are to arise during the construction process that would result in the project not being completed, an extension to the deadline may be granted after review by Six Corners Association. The applicant must submit an explanation in writing to the Six Corners Association requesting approval for an extension to complete a project or to be reimbursed after 180 days, if there are: delays in construction, unforeseen circumstances, or changes to project scope, contractors, or costs changes to the approved scope. Construction deadline extension requests must be submitted with an estimated date of completion. If the applicant moves ahead with the project before approval of an extension, they assume risk that the project may no longer be eligible for a rebate.


  • An invoice and final receipts must be presented to Six Corners Association upon completion of the project. Invoices must have cancelled checks or credit card statements attached to verify proof of payment. Applicant must be entity paying for the improvements.
  • Six Corners Association will schedule a site visit to determine that the project has been completed and that it adhered to the project guidelines.
  • Six Corners Association will photograph the completed project and present the results to the SSA Commission.
  • If applicants adhered to the project plan, timeline, and costs, Six Corners Association will reimburse applicants within 30 days.


  • Complete and submit the online application.
  • Download, sign, and notarize the following forms:
    • Property Owner Authorization
    • Statement of Understanding
  • Email or mail these forms along with:
    • Copy of Business License
    • Written plan outlining the areas of improvements that will be made with current pictures.  
    • Competitive bids for service from two separate licensed contractors.

You will be required to apply for permitting upon approval of your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for approval.

Send to hello@sixcorners.com or Six Corners Association, 4041 N. Milwaukee Ave. #301, Chicago, IL 60641.


Six CorNers ASsociation

4041 N. Milwaukee Ave. #301, Chicago, IL 60641

 Milwaukee Ave.:   Warner to Kilpatrick Irving Park Rd.:   Lavergne to Clover St. Cicero Ave.:   Byron to Warner (west sidewalk) and Belle Plaine (east sidewalk)

Milwaukee Ave.:   Warner to Kilpatrick
Irving Park Rd.:   Lavergne to Clover St.
Cicero Ave.:   Byron to Warner (west sidewalk) and Belle Plaine (east sidewalk)


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Itemized Project Budget (i.e. awning, $1,000) Please include cost of labor for installation:
Have you submitted/mailed/emailed the following items: Property Owner Authorization, Statement of Understanding, Copy of Business License, Written plan outlining the areas of improvements that will be made with current pictures, Competitive bids for service from two separate licensed contractors?
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