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Our regular tune-ups are normally $75.00 but now they are $48.75!
Our regular tune-ups include: 
-Wheel alignment and hub adjustment.
-All cables, pivot points, and chain lubed.
-Gears and brakes adjusted.
-All nuts, bolts, and fasteners tightened.
-Tires inflated to proper pressure.

Our Deluxe tune-ups are usually $110.00 but now they are on sale for $71.50. They are the same as regular tune-ups but include removal and cleaning of the chain, derailleurs, crankset, and freewheel or cassette.

If your bike has been sitting for a while or you have been loving it a bit too much our complete regular overhaul is $225.00 but now it's $146.25.

Complete dis-assembly of the bike.
Clean and inspect all parts.
Wash and wax frame and fork.
Replace all removable bearings.
Reassemble bike with new lubricant. Replace cables and brake shoes.
Finish with a complete tune-up.

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