As a life story writer, I've never considered myself an organizer, but after meeting and learning a lot from professional organizers, I find we have a lot in common! How do you take a person's life and boil it down to 20-30 pages? You have to organize a bit. Perhaps you're thinking of writing your own life story, or want to write stories down from a loved one's life-what's stopping you? For many, it's getting started. Fear around getting started stops people before they even get out of the gate. It's fear of failure. It's fear of getting it wrong. Don't let this be an excuse! Because, the good news is, there are many ways to start. Here are a few options for organizing those life stories.  

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Northwest Side Hero Project and More.

Memoir For Me is all about life's challenges and how we overcome them. The project's goal is to capture all those moments, stories, and photos that describe how each end every unique individual travels through life's pleasures and perils.  One of the current projects is called "Northwest Side Hero's" or "Northwest Side Hero Project". In Chicago's north-west side anyone can nominate someone of any age that they think deserves to be a hero. Another project is "Just Leap". This project's goal is to collect all kinds of stories from people who had arrived at a pivotal point in their lives and choose to leap over a significant hurdle by trusting their own abilities. 

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The Cook County sweetened beverage tax was recently moved one step closer to a full repeal when all but 1 cook county commissioner's voted to eliminate the penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages. The bill's future remains unclear, but debate continues on the many measures that will have to be taken going forward depending on the result of the vote. 

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Distinct Bath & Body Prepares for Move

Sam Davis, the owner of Distinct Bath & Body, closed the doors to his retail location on Saturday in preparation for the move to Six Corners. The company crafts soaps, lotions, and oils and will expand its offering to the 1,000 sq. ft. location that is scheduled to open in March next to The Portage Theater. Read more info here.

ABC7 Feature of City News' Blue line Truffles

Our own City Newsstand was featured on ABC 7's nightly news last night for the work they're doing to raise money for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. We've posted about it before, but this news clip takes you behind the scenes and shares part of Donna's process in making her famous truffles and highlights one of the families the Foundation supports.

Throughout the month of December, City News will donate $2 from every box of truffles to the police fund.

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