With this class you will learn basic cocktail technique from Community bar manager, Rachel Miller as she leads you through four expertly classic cocktails to add to your impressive drink-making arsenal! Price of the class includes instruction, recipes, and sampling of cocktails and snacks from Chef Joey.  If you're still feeling peckish, stay for an early dinner or grab a $5 burger at the bar deal.  

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Every year I help fundraiser to send 4 kids from Vaughn Occupational High School to Washington D.C. with their class. Vaughn provides specialized education for high school students with cognitive, developmental and multiple disabilities.  

My hope is that John attends this High School! 

I know we are just coming down off of the holidays and some heavy spending. But, if you can just find a few dollars to put towards this cause Kevin, Johnny and I would be so grateful! This trip is a chance of a lifetime for these kids. Some of these kids rarely get out of the neighborhood they live in, let alone out of state. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for the students to practice their independent living skills and interact with their non-disabled peers.

Our family is fortunate enough to be able to take John on trips and enjoy a little bit of life outside of Chicago. We want to pay that forward in some way. Please make a donation and share this event on your social media.

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Good Morning folks,

Every year we work with Vaughn Occupation High School in Chicago to help raise money for seniors to take a trip to Washington D.C.  Vaughn is a CPS with 100% of the students with disabilities. Kevin and I both hope to have our son John attend Vaughn in 2019. Vaughn offers a rigorous, future-focused program for students with Intellectual Disabilities. It teaches academics along with crucial life, occupational, and social skills through differentiated, hands-on, technology-rich instruction combined with frequent community-based learning.

The D.C. trip is a really exciting experience for the kids. It is offered to senior students to develop valuable independent functioning and social skills while learning about our country's history and government.

Without your help and support, these students would not be able to afford the full cost of the trip, and would, therefore, be denied this amazing experience. I've seen the amazing social/emotional and academic benefits of this trip firsthand. Students return more confident in their own skills and knowledge and with a greater sense of civic pride.

Please consider donating to Vaughn this year-end by clicking on the link below. The donation is tax deductible. In addition, please share this with your network. Every little bit helps. 

Thank you and a very Happy Holiday to you, 

Barbara Murphy


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Why Local Businesses Shouldn't Worry about Parking

One of the most common arguments against eliminating parking from downtown areas is that it'll affect business. The people behind those complaints are dead right: There will be an impact on business—only it's the opposite of the one they have in mind. Removing cars from downtown streets actually increases trade by attracting pedestrians and cyclists, and a new study of Queen Street West in Toronto's Parkdale neighborhood has the numbers to prove it.

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