These Businesses Should Be On Your Radar

On Your Radar is a campaign conducted by Six Corners Association in order to highlight new businesses, up and coming businesses, and available business spaces that community members should have on their radar!

We interviewed business owners and landlords and filmed inside of their spaces so that you can learn more about them because Six Corners is growing quickly and we want you to know exactly how great our new businesses are. We hope you enjoy these short interviews!



4068 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Says Dr. Halleen Phu, “I love this neighborhood. In such a big city like Chicago, it’s great to see little areas like Portage Park and Jefferson Park demonstrate a neighborhood feeling.”


4041 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Says Paul, the owner of Audia, “I wanted to get into a space, get out of the madness of downtown, and move into an area that was more comfortable for me and more community friendly. I think this place is doing a great job of that.”


4041 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Marc Sussman, the owner of Collaborative, says, “The inspiration was creating this resource that people needed and could use. As for my vision for it,…in this new economy, people are working from home and freelancing and this is just one more place where they can be and get the things they need.”


4140 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Owner of Wildlight Yoga, Kelli Wefenstette, says, “I’ve lived in Portage Park for 10 years. I’ve worked in Portage Park for most of that amount of time, as well, so I’m really excited to make the jump from resident to someone who’s able to share something I’m really passionate about with all of the people I’ve made relationships with over these past few years.”



4944 W. Irving Park Rd.

Jacqueline, the owner of Junebug Cafe says, “I grew up here in Six Corners and my husband and I and our kids- we live in the house that I grew up in- that my mother grew up in. So that’s what brought us here.”

Junebug Cafe anticipates opening up this fall after they attain their business license!


3936 N. Cicero Ave.

“It’s not easy to just come in and open a business. We thought we’d be a lot further along than we are now, but we’re getting there! That’s probably been the biggest challenge has just been jumping through the hoops to get financing in order,” says owner Ron.


4101-4109 N. MILWAUKEE AVE.

Property owner George Garcia (owner of Fantasy Costumes) is looking to sell this huge 15,300 sq. ft. space immediately! View the video to hear George talk about zoning and his ideas for the space.


Owners Victoria & Raymond are ready to lease this sunlit 5,500 sq. ft. space as soon as possible! Watch this short video to see our walkthrough of the space and hear about how awesome your new landlords could be.


Dear Friends and Supporters,
As the National Veterans Art Museum continues to grow and expand its mission, we've begun setting the groundwork to establish the first ever National Veterans Art Museum Associate Board.
What is an Associate Board?
By definition, an associate board is a leadership group of emerging professionals, typically ages 25-35, who leverage their time, networks, and resources to help build the capacity of a nonprofit.
Why join an Associate Board?
As written in the Non-Profit blog CharityScenes:
1) No-pressure Networking: Meet people in your industry or people who work in completely different arenas. Maybe this will open doors professionally, or maybe it will just give you a better perspective.
2) Learn new skills & build your resume: Not only does your experience on a non-profit board look good to future employers and graduate programs, but you can genuinely build new skills outside your current expertise. Work in finance? Join a marketing committee and learn how to advertise. Work in technology? Take on a leadership position and refine your management skills for the day you run the company.
3) Make new friends: You and your fellow board members will spend time working through challenges like budgeting and membership development, volunteering at fun volunteer events, and enjoying cocktails at fundraisers. Before you know it, your monthly meetings won’t come around quickly enough.
4) But keep the old: Maybe you join a board because you are already passionate about supporting education or raising awareness for a particular medical research initiative; maybe you join because you’re excited to learn more. Either way, you’ll host fundraisers and volunteer events where you can bring your friends, co-workers and families together for an event they’ll all love.
5) Give back: At the end of the day, nothing will compare to the satisfaction of seeing your efforts and donations combined with the resources of other hard-working young professionals to affect real change.
What will the NVAM Associate Board be like?
The NVAM Associate Board will fulfill a very important and special role. As a semi-autonomous organization with direct support from the NVAM Staff, Associate Board Members will take on the role as young leaders helping to promote Veterans, Veteran Issues, Youth Education, and Fine Art. This will be an excellent opportunity to give back to the Veteran community while gaining valuable boardroom skills and making unique connections for personal and professional growth.
How do I apply?
We are only beginning our search for viable candidates, the Associate Board creation process will last as long as it takes to find strong candidates that can work together as a team to work as ambassadors and representatives of the National Veterans Art Museum. Once you've applied, we will begin the interview and selection process and will hold several small social events to ensure we can form the best team possible.
Apply Here!


As many of you may already know, Six Corners is getting a Culver's. Chicago's first Culver's. The popularity of the burger chain in Chicagoland is high which is why its important to bring the hungry masses up to date on its construction. The foundation has been laid, the lumber has been brought in, and the the fream is coming together nicely. Check out the progress at 4939 West Irving Park Road!